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Most reliable heart rate monitors 2014


5There is nothing more important than staying healthy. Exercise is the way to keep fit and improve your lifestyle. There are many things you can do in order to lose weight, stay in shape or simply relax. All those activities usually require some physical stress which will increase your heart rate. In order to always have things under control you should invest in one of the top heart rate monitors 2014. This device will allow you to function in perfectly normal parameters without overdoing it.  There are dozens of gadgets currently on the market which can not only provide you with information about your heart rate but will also deliver very important feedback that can help improve your training results. Our experts have taken the time to test most of those heart rate monitors. They’ve also gone through many reviews just to help you make the right decision. After thorough research a few products and features have stood out.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a heart rate monitor is durability. Make sure your gadget can handle moisture, water and shock. It will deal with that on a regular basis.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the right heart rate monitor is its ability to provide various statistics besides heart BPMs.

The third thing a great heart rate monitor should have is a tracking mechanism which will remember past results. This way you will be able to keep tabs on your progress.

One last thing which might come in handy if you love running more than indoor cardio or if you have the possibility to go biking or jogging is a GPS. Some heart rate monitors provide such a feature which will offer a lot of useful information.


If you decided to purchase a heart rate monitor, these are the most popular models:

Key features to consider
Our rating
Best Price on:
Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor
-Continuous, accurate heart rate
-Automatic age-based target zone – bpm / %
-Smart Calorie feature
MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor
-Continuous heart rate
-Bluetooth® Smart (4.0)
Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor
-Displays calories, fat burn percentage
-STAR Training program
Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
-High-sensitivity GPS receiver
-Data upload to Garmin Connect
Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch
-Built-in Fitness test
-16 training sessions
Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
-99 training files
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze


Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


According to most heart rate monitor reviews 2014 this is the perfect choice for women who love leading an active lifestyle. It is not only a device which registers information but it is also a gadget which will help you improve the efficiency of your training sessions. It basically tells you when to speed up or slow down. It also tells you about how many calories you’ve burned regardless of the type of activity you take part in. it comes with a continuous heart rate monitoring mechanism and it will take into consideration age when calculating the accurate number of beats per minute. This wrist monitor can also be turned into a chest monitor by using the chest strap included in the package. The chest strap is very comfortable and it is hand washable. When it comes to durability, the FT4 is waterproof which will come in handy during those sweaty training sessions. It can be connected to modern gym gear and it can also be used as a watch with alarm and snooze features.

“Over the past few months I have steadily improved my long distance running. Having the Polar FT4 has been of vital importance because I have managed to keep track of my heart rate patterns. With such info I know when I’m close to my limits, when I’m in shape and if I can push myself a little bit more. I would definitely recommend this heart rate monitor to other long-distance runners.” - Thomas A. Drake

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MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor


2Even though a bit more expensive, the Alpha I is one of the top heart rate monitors 2014. It is very accurate and reliable. It is also very resistant and can easily be used as a watch. It provides continuous heart rate information and it can be programmed to use audible and visual notifications between certain numbers. It will let you know for how long you’ve been exercising and it will also let you know what your average heart rate was and how much time you’ve had a certain number of beats per minute. Being a top end device, this HRM even has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. After you connect to your smartphone you will be able to get more data regarding speed, distance or any other GPS using info. The data review function will come in really handy if you set a particular weight losing goal. Other features include a rechargeable battery, a silicone strap and a USB charging dock. There is not much more you could ask for from such a small gadget which is already impressively efficient and versatile.

“I have kept track of the distance of my evening runs, also the speed and heart beat fluctuations. With this data I can closely monitor my progress and constantly improve myself. I don’t even feel it on my writs while running and I conclude by recommending it to other amateur runners.” - Carolyn Higgins

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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor


3When looking for the best heart rate monitor 2014, you should never overlook Polar devices. This company is currently the most popular when it comes to sporting gear. They invest a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect gadgets destined to help you improve your performances during a workout session. The FT60 is effortless to use and very easy to personalize depending on your training habits. It will not only register your heart rate but it will also let you know how many calories you’ve burned. It will also tell you how much fat you’ve burned. It is suited for both men and women and it can even be used a regular watch. It is waterproof and it can be easily cleaned with wet wipes. It has a 100 file storing capacity meaning you will always know how much you’ve improved. The FT60 comes with patented technology such as the Smart Coaching system which uses set parameters to analyze your improvement. It can connect to most modern gym equipment and it can work with additional distance and speed sensors.

“I have no problem using this device when I’m exercising or running because it’s very simple to operate. The readings are pin-point accurate and frankly, I couldn’t ask for more from a heart rate monitor. It wasn’t expensive either and if you like to exercise then I suggest investing in this mode.” – Marcia R. Heeter

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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


4This is the best heart rate monitor 2014 when it comes to fitness gear destined for women. It is one of the most durable and also one of the most efficient gadgets on the market. It has a nice design which stands out because of the pink insertions. When it comes to features, this HRM will provide accurate information regarding pace, distance and time. Because of the included GPS mechanism, this is the perfect device to purchase if you are used to training outdoors. It is very accurate even when used within city limits. Tall buildings and antennas will not influence the satellite connection. While used in training mode, this watch will constantly monitor your heart rate for 8 straight hours.  It comes with a rechargeable battery which will last for three weeks in power save mode. This gadget comes with the added benefit of offering online assistance. All you have to do is use Garmin Connect. This website will allow users to share and analyze data for free.

“The Garmin brand needed no introduction and among the numerous models I had read about, this one stood out the most. Its display lets me see all the necessary data clearly, so I’m always aware of my progress when running or exercising. The design is another thing which I like about the Garmin Forerunner and I have come to consider it one of the best heart rate monitors currently on the market.” - Brenda Cunningham

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Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch


5After going through many heart rate monitor reviews in 2014, our experts have chosen the Polar RS300X as one of their favorite gadgets. This affordable device not only looks great but it is also packed with impressive features. It will become your most important piece of equipment while training. It is just like having a personal trainer by your side at all times. It is very accurate providing priceless information in real time. It can also be used with a chest strap for an even more accurate continuous heart rate. It will have no problem functioning near other heart rate monitors. The manufacturers built the RS300X with the sole purpose of helping you make the most out of your training sessions. This device comes with a fit test which will offer vital information regarding your progress. It will also let you know how many calories have been burned during any activity. Last but not least, this gadget will keep tabs on the last 16 weeks of training.

“I feel comfortable when wearing the heart rates monitor’s chest strap, it doesn’t hinder my running. I can easily transfer all the data to my iPhone or laptop and keep a chart of my progress over time. I bought it from Amazon and the package was delivered to me in time.” - Betty Robins

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch


6This could easily be the best heart rate monitor 2014. It is affordable, accurate and highly efficient. It is lightweight and very durable. You won’t even feel it while training which is very important considering the fact that some training sessions will make even lifting your arms an impossible task. It provides continuous heart rate information and excellent guidance regarding your condition. This watch comes with Energy Pointer technology which will let you know if you are doing the right thing in order to achieve your goal. It will separate fat burning training sessions from fitness sessions which are destined to improve your tonus and resistance. It also includes the Smart Calorie feature which will keep you informed at all times. You will be able to use this device with a chest strap which will perfectly fit your torso. The chest strap is included in the package. This device comes with replaceable batteries and gym equipment compatibility.

“Since I’ve started using the Polar FT7, I’ve managed to improve my distance running. At this point I can run 2 or 3 miles more then I previously could and I feel that I can improve even more. The chest strap is easy to place on my chest and I don’t have any discomfort while wearing it. The battery life is quite long and I don’t have to recharge it too often.” – Kevin C. Bryson

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Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor


7This is a budget pick. Despite being the least expensive of our expert’s picks, this heart rate monitor has all the necessary features to help you with improve your healthy life style. One of the best things about this gadget is its simplicity. It has a large display with large numbers which let you know when to stop or when to speed up. It remember your last training session and it provides useful information in order to help improve your results. It can also be used as a watch. It is water resistant and it can handle depths of up to 30 meters. It can be used by swimmers as well as joggers without deteriorating. It is lightweight and it can also be used with a chest strap for even more accurate heartbeat ratings.

“I got the Polar FT1 to help me monitor my swimming and so far, I’ve been very satisfied by the data it has given me access to. The numbers it displays are very large and I can easily see the value of my heart rate at any given time. I don’t see any drawbacks to using it.” - Theresa G. Rich

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